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As a professional piano tuner and technician based in Dubai,   I have been tuning pianos for families, schools, musician, recording studios and hotels.. With years of experience in the UAE and Europe, providing expert service and care to piano owners.


I studied the Randy Potter School of Piano Technology based in USA, followed by an apprenticeship program, working and learning from a highly experienced professional tuner and a team of technician. 


My approach to every piano is unique depending on the condition and how far out of tune is the instrument. Some pianos require pitch raise, while others that had been regularly tuned do not. On rare occasions for pianos that are below pitch with semitone, bringing it back to life requires more than one visit.


In a nutshell here is how the “magic” is done - I tune in several stages/passes, beginning with the rough tuning of all strings using a state-of-the-art Electronic Tune Device (ETD), adjusting every string in a ballpark of very close proximity to where it will be in fine tuning. The second stage is setting a temperament aurally and expanding it up and down for all 88 keys. And the final third stage is for aural fine-tuning, for the most accurate and stable pitch.  Abracadabra - magic is done.


A piano should be tuned at least twice a year, preferably with a season’s temperature and humidity changes, to prevent the need for pitch adjustments in the future, and to keep an eye on its overall health and longevity. The pitch should be kept at a constant level. When the pitch is frequently lowered or raised, the instrument is much less likely to remain in tune.


A hotel, or institution that uses the piano for several hours each day might have their piano tuned as often as every month. In situations like these or for people with acute hearing I will work out a reasonable frequent tuner discount.

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