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As a professional piano tuner and technician based in Dubai, I have been tuning pianos for families, schools, musicians, recording studios, competitions, and hotels. With years of experience in the UAE and Europe, providing expert service and care to piano owners.

I studied at School of Piano Technology based in the USA, followed by an apprenticeship program, working and learning from a highly experienced professional tuner and team of technician. 

Nikolai Velikov Piano Tuning UAE

520 741 889 8


    Offering professional piano tuning, moving, regulation, voicing and polishing to families, musicians, schools, recording studios, competitions and hotels.

    Transform any event into a masterpiece with the timeless elegance and breathtaking sound of a grand piano. Whether it's a wedding, corporate gathering, or concert, elevate your ambience with our exquisite white grand piano rentals.

    Perfect for:

    Weddings & Receptions

    Corporate Events

    Concerts & Recitals

    Private Parties

    Contacts us today to reserve your grand piano and let the music speak for itself! 



    We Couldn't be happier!

    Nikolai is extremely professional, with a lovely calm demeanour. He has been looking after our 50-year-old piano for the last two years after she made the journey from Europe to Dubai and needed to some extra TLC. We couldn't be happier with the service.

    Cloee Wright

    Very calm, methodical and professional

    Niki is one of the Best piano tuners and technicians I have worked with. Very calm, methodical, and professional, he would patiently examine any potential problem and would come up with a solution. His tuning is excellent. He's been working with my Yamaha C3 Grand piano for a long time and I couldn't be happier.

    Stoyan Stoyanov

    I cannot recommend Nikolai enough

    It is very rare to find someone that takes care of your precious instrument like their own. The professionalism, care, and passion Nikolai bring when he tunes our piano is next to none. His high level of knowledge and honesty provided us with incredible comfort in knowing we were reviewing the best service. I cannot recommend Nikolai enough - he truly is incredible with the work he does.

    Tanya Dharamshi

    A special care for my piano

    After 2 years of Covid and no tuning on my piano Ernst Kaps, I had the pleasure to ask Nikolai to service my piano. This piano has a special hystory as it was born in 1921 in Germany. This piano went around the world few times. Nikolai gave a special care to it. I am very happy to be able to hear its wondrful and touching sound again. Thank you very much.

    Nicole Witek

    Highly recommended!

    Nikolai has been tuning our piano for the last two years. He managed to tune our very old piano making it sound great. He is very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. Highly recommended!

    Gianmauro Chiaranda

    Went above and beyond what any other tuner had done. 

    I had heard about Nikolai, because he repaired and tuned the piano for the philcarmonic orchestra so I requested he tune ours. He was extremely professional and went above and beyond what any other piano tuner had done in the past. He has a real love of his job and I would say to anyone of you have a piano that you love and you ant the best for it, get Nikolai to take care of it. Aside from his professional abilities he is really noce guy and it was very comfortable having him in our house.

    Angela Hazeem

    Able to deliver quality

    I consider ourselves lucky that we found Nikolai. The forst tuning was needed urgently and he made it possible. He even went twice to be sure everything is alright before we arrived and recommended a better place for our Grand Piano to protect it from the sun. When I observed him while tuning I saw a very caring person with a lot of attention to detail. he took his time to be able to deliver this wuality. An he was very pleasant and polite , so it was not at all disturbing but very nice to have himin our home for the tuning . very recommended!

    Tessa Huttner


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